Friday, 15 October 2010

Erasmus Mundus AsiaRegional: Calling for Applications!

University of Deusto, Spain is offering
scholarship under Erasmus Mundus Action 2 to Malaysians and other Asian nationals.

General requirements

A) General requirements for Afghan, Bhutanese, Nepali, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Maldivian, Filipino, Thai, Chinese and North Korean students

The eligibility criteria for students are:

  1. Students must have one of the eligible nationalities
  2. Students must have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses offered
  3. Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution
  4. For TARGET GROUP 1: students need to be registered at one of the Higher Education Institution member of the partnership of the respective eligible countries.
  5. For TARGET GROUP 2: candidates need either to be registered in one of the eligible countries university (that is not a partner of the consortium) or to have obtained a diploma from one of the eligible countries Higher Education Institution (partner or not).
  6. For TARGET GROUP 3, students need to hold one of the eligible nationalities and be part of the vulnerable target groups.
  7. All applicants must provide the required documents. (link a required documents)

B) General requirements for Academic Staff Mobility – Asian Countries (Target Group1)

Academic staff undertaking a period of teaching, training or research in a partner university must:

  1. work in or be associated to one of the participating institutions;
  2. have the nationality of one of the eligible countries and
  3. be fully integrated into the Department or Faculty of the host institution(s).

This last criterion means that:

  • the mobility assignments must be based on partnership agreements between the members of the partnership;
  • the home and host universities and the individual teachers must agree on the programme of lectures to be delivered by the visiting teachers, on the research activities or type of training to be followed;

In the selection process, priority will be given to mobility assignments which will also:

  • ensure that the visiting teacher’s contributions will be an integral part of a diploma programme of the host institution;
  • will lead to the production of new teaching material;
  • will be used to consolidate and extend links between departments and faculties and to prepare for future cooperation projects between the sending and host university;
  • will help strengthen the international cooperation departments in the foreign universities;
  • will lead to progresses in the application of ECTS or other systems for recognition of studies in the partner institution.
(Source: APPLICATION DEADLINE: November 14th 2010, 00:00 hr CET (Central European Time)


News regarding Erasmus Mundus Courses and Scholarship

The updated list of Erasmus Mundus Courses is out! A total of 124 of these courses will be offering scholarship! Click here to see List of all Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses (EMMCs)

For Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programme, 9 new courses have been added this September! Check it out here.

Please be informed that there is also a list of Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses not offering scholarships in 2011-2012.

Candidate students interested in participating in one of these Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses for the 2011-2012 academic year should visit its website for further information on the participation requirements and, if applicable, the availability of alternative scholarships.
  1. AMASE - Joint European Master Programme in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
  2. ATOSIM : Atomic Scale Modelling of Physical, Chemical and Bio-molecular Systems
  3. CoDe - Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development
  4. EMMA - Erasmus Mundus MA - Journalism and Media within Globalisation: The European Perspective
  5. EMMS - Joint European Master's Programme in Materials Science
  6. EMMSP - Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Photonics
  8. HEEM - European Masters Degree in Higher Education
  9. IMIM - International Master in Industrial Management
  10. MAE - Master of Applied Ethics
  11. MEITEI - M.A. Degree in Economics of International Trade and European Integration
  12. MONABIPHOT - Molecular nano- and bio-photonics for telecommunications and biotechnologies
  13. PHOENIX EM - Dynamics of Health and Welfare
  14. QEM - Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Pre-departure Meeting for Erasmus Mundus Awardees 2010

A pre-departure briefing for the Malaysian Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Awardees was organized on the 29th of July by the Delegation of the European Union to Malaysia. This year eight new students- Ms. Liew Li Hooi, Ms. Boon Ling Ni, Ms. Lee Wei Mei, Ms. Lai Pik Yien, Mr. Krishnasamy Ganesh, Mr. Utap Anyi Kevin Wan, Mr. Choo Yong Fern, Mr. Woo Tyng Feng and Mr. Idrus Ahmad Nazmi participated in the event which was held at the Conference Room of the EU Delegation in Menara Tan & Tan. Representatives from various diplomatic missions including the Embassies of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Netherland, Spain, France and the British High Commission, were also present at the meeting. The briefing started at 10.45am with a welcoming remarks by Mr Pim de Kuijer, Political Affairs Officer of the EU Delegation. After all the participants introducing themselves, Ms. Marion Laget, also from the EU Delegation, gave a presentation on “Studying in Europe : A Few Practical Tips and Some Advice to Better Prepare Your Departure and Stay". On top of that, Ms. Laget has also prepared copies of Erasmus Mundus Student Handbooks for the new students. Participants were then introduced to Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) through a presentation by EMA member Ms. Tan Raan Hann, one of the coordinators of the EMA-Southeast Asia Chapter. Another EMA member Mr. Ronald Binati, who graduated from the International Master in VINTAGE Vine, Wine and Terroir Management programme, continued with an interesting sharing on French visa application and practical tips. After a series of presentations, representatives from Member States warmly welcomed the new students to their respective countries, giving helpful advice as well as recommendations on places to visit and things to experience. Students going to Spain were reminded to be extra careful with their belongings in crowds and to avoid carrying their passports or any valuable items when going out. The fruitful session of briefing and sharing was followed by a presentation of scholarship certificates from the EU Delegation to Erasmus Mundus Awardees 2010. The event drew to a close with refreshment and group photos. The new students enjoyed the opportunities to discuss face to face with representatives from Embassies and EM alumni.